The construction industry is a heavy user of rotary applications. Typical usage in excavators includes the transfer of power, signals and data, power to motors and much more.

BGB understands the pain points and market drivers associated with excavator parts in the construction industry. These include avoiding costly downtime, and a lack of time and people to carry out those maintenance tasks. To keep it to a minimum, components must be easy to maintain and long-lasting.

For this reason, our custom and modular slip rings, fibre optic rotary joints (FORJs) and hydraulic rotary joints for excavators are of high quality. For example, they use silver brushes to reduce footprinting and burnout on rings, to minimise the maintenance needed and ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. 

We can create custom slip ring assemblies and products including:

  • Power slip rings
  • Power and signal slip rings
  • Face type style slip rings
  • Carbon brush holders
  • Fibre optic rotary joints
  • Hydraulic rotary joint

Our modular slip rings for excavators have an aluminium structure, with a fibreglass-reinforced polyester cover. They are designed for low power (8 ways) rated at 30A and 480VAC, and high power (4 ways) rated at 100A (120A peak) and 480VAC.

IP65-rated, the new unit is vandal-proof and service friendly. Enquiries for these units should include the following information:

  • Number of ways required 
  • Load per ring (amps and voltage) or details of the signals to be carried by the slip rings 
  • Speed of rotation needed
  • Mounting flange required and type of cable gland entry 
  • Ambient working temperature intended
  • Voltage (should an anti-condensation heater be required)

To find out more contact our team today, or you can download the Excavators & Aerial Work Platform Datasheet here.


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