When it comes to delivering people and materials to high work places inside and out, we understand the importance of high-quality equipment. Because aerial work access equipment failures can lead to downtime, safety issues and delayed jobs, reliability depends on the components in those systems.  

Our compact slip rings and hydraulic rotary joint assemblies are developed for use in construction plants that operate in harsh temperatures and vibration conditions, with minimal maintenance and long service life. As a package provider we are able to specify and test the entire rotating package prior to deployment in the field which allows us to optimise the space envelope.  

Aerial Work platforms need to keep working to ensure that maintenance, logistics and construction activities progress without delay. In today’s on-demand society requiring 24-hour operations, often with maintenance activities scheduled at night, rotary joints and slip rings must be able to continue transmitting to ensure uptime. Prior to deployment in application, each prototype is tested in a simulated duty cycle on our in-house test rig and each unit is end-of-line pressure tested post-production.  

As European manufacturers face increasing cost pressures and consider removing the rotating elements of their machines to remain competitive, BGB offers cost competitive packaged solutions to ensure that quality and 360-degree functionality are not compromised. BGB works closely with its partners to understand their requirements and ensure that the plant remains competitive on cost and quality.  

Our rotating hydraulic unions and slip rings are available in a wide range of specifications — with varying physical size, channels, and capacities to suit each plant. 
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