When it comes to slip rings, Fibre optic rotary joints and hydraulic rotary union solutions for Nuclear and Power Plants, BGB has a long-standing history of providing quality and long-lasting rotary units in this critical industry.

From welding and cable reeling slip rings through to turbine generators, bearing protection and nuclear pond lighting - we can help you find a rotary solution to keep your nuclear plant running effectively with minimum unplanned downtime.

We've worked with well-known UK nuclear facilities to help solve their decommissioning processes, cable reel retrofits, nuclear pond lighting and handling equipment refits including robotic applications and crane slip rings.

If you are looking for a custom-made engineering solution, our design office can tailor hi-tech packages such as slip rings combined with rotary unions and fibre optic rotary joints.

Optimised for quality and maintenance BGB also offers servitisation supply for our customers that have demanding uptime requirements and environmental drivers. Extended warranties and our repair pool service ensure that you are never waiting for spare parts. This way of working allows our design team to optimise for quality and longevity instead of consumption and price; ensuring that we continue to provide sustainable solutions for a better world tomorrow.

Our experience within the nuclear industry primarily stems from delivering high-powered parabolic aluminium reflector lighting for underwater storage of nuclear rods.  

More recently, BGB’s reputation for long-lasting, quality, bespoke slip ring packages for power applications and fast replacement service, has resulted in enquiries for retrofits, welding and crane slip ring solutions for nuclear plants worldwide.


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