As the nascent tidal industry takes to the seas BGB is leveraging over 30 years in pitch control slip ring technology to shorten the journey to industrialisation and grid parity. The benefits of tidal are undeniable due to the predictability of the energy resource, with the potential ultimately realised through dependability and minimised maintenance need. 

BGB leverages proven contact technology to ensure that communication and power transmission is maintained beyond service intervals, to further improve reliability.  As a rotating contact specialist BGB’s engineers form part of your engineering team to ensure that you accelerate through the learning curve and we are able to deliver a sustainable future together.

BGB related parts:
Pitch control slip ring
FORJ (Fibre Optic Rotary Joints)

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"Marine or tidal currents, unlike many other forms of renewable energy, are a consistent source of kinetic energy caused by regular tidal cycles influenced by the phases of the moon.  Intermittency is a problem for wind, wave and solar power as the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow.  These sources of renewable energy often require backup from traditional forms of power generation. However, the inherent predictability of tidal power is highly attractive for grid management, removing the need for back-up plants powered by fossil fuels.  Tidal turbines are installed on the seabed at locations with high tidal current velocities, or strong continuous ocean currents where they extract energy from the flowing water."  Source:  Simec Atlantis Energy"

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A major step we've taken to improve our processes is transitioning toward the circular economy


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