Slip rings are well used in the agriculture industry, particularly when it comes to rotary feed applications and milking structures.  The advent of automated milking systems (AMS) has emerged as a new growing trend among dairy owners. 
The primary benefits of rotary dairy barns, when compared to manual milking of animals, is that they improve labour effectiveness, offer ergonomic benefits, and minimizes the risk of harm brought by upsetting and repetitive stress.  

BGB slip ring packages, or centre swivels, play a pivotal role in rotary milking systems (also known as rotolactors) as they provide high durability and long-lasting seamless power transfer to the stationary centre.  Based on our highly reliable and successful SPB range used in the wastewater industry, our slip ring packages have high IP-rated covers that are easily cleaned and maintained and can be designed to any particular specification.

If you would like to know more about our Milking Parlour slip rings or rotary feed system swivels, email our sales team today.

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