As the world moves rapidly towards reliance on online shopping, demands on packaging machinery manufacturers to deliver faster, safer and more reliable equipment have never been stronger.

Since 1979, BGB has supported the dairy, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries in providing leading rotary solutions. 

As the industry requirements have increased for cleanliness and more reliable production data, BGB has responded by developing high-tech solutions to facilitate the effective transfer of signal, fluid and power via fibre optic joints (FORJ), slip rings and rotary unions.

The packaging industry has a particularly heavy demand for rotary applications, requiring the transfer of power and data to and from potentially many different types of packaging machinery in a single factory. At the same time, the equipment needs to be clean, without allowing contamination of the products and liquids being handled. 

As well as manufacturing new units to meet demand for different products, BGB also provides a repair service to old units to save money and reduce waste.

To suit an environment where downtime for maintenance of machinery makes a significant financial impact, each of BGB’s packaging machine parts is developed and tested for reliability and low maintenance. 

Whether the application is for filling liquids, hot film or pharmaceutical powders, BGB’s engineering team has the skills and expertise to deliver your data, efficiency and production requirements.

To find out more about our packaging machine parts, email our team, or give us a call.


Circular Economy

A major step we've taken to improve our processes is transitioning toward the circular economy


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