Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a more accessible and popular form of transport for many people, as they look to reduce their carbon footprint. 

BGB’s continual involvement in green technologies has now expanded into the automotive market. Both  EVs and charging stations naturally include many electrical components, such as slip rings, induction systems, grounding solutions and cable reeling mechanisms. 

The motoring needs of the public mean that EVs, and the parts within them, will be expected to complete hundreds of thousands of miles per year. The charging stations that serve them, particularly those for public use, may need to perform hundreds of charging cycles per day. 

As commercial use of EVs increases, from small-scale delivery vans to large haulage operations, the demand on those systems increases many times over. When time off the road hits finances hard, those industries will demand components that are able to withstand heavy use and continue to be reliable. 

BGB is helping to develop the next generation of rotary electric vehicle solutions in this expanding market. Improvements in battery technology and hi-tech charging stations require rotary applications to be high quality and robust. 

We are rapidly charging towards the front of EV slip ring and cable reel technology, working in partnership with key industry leaders to produce the next ‘everyday’ solution for the electric vehicle market.    

Enquire here to learn how BGB can help you with your requirements for EV slip rings and other associated components.

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