Our history of working in the marine industry stems from the years of experience gained with underwater cables and connectors.  Similar to our Tethered drone solutions, our range of rotary applications for the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) market are designed to be robust to the most extreme conditions and reliable in our quality to ensure peace of mind when exploring the deepest depths of our global environments.  ROV models and underwater trenchers, geophysical, oceanographic and other winches, are just some of the applications our electrical slip ring units and FORJs (Fibre Optic Rotary Joints) are customised to supply power and data for.  

As humanity further explores the depths and heights and we install wind turbines in the seabed and capture images of revolution in the streets, BGB facilitates the transfer of high quality and reliable imaging that benefits the pilot and the engineer in navigating these extreme forefronts.

Most common use for ROV’s:
> Lidar 3D mapping
> Monitoring
> Inspection
> Towed arrays and seismic streamers
> Oceanographic winches
> Cable reels
> Sonars
> Subsea cameras
> Media
> Modelling
> Exploration

....And many more.

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Circular Economy

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