A power failure can have huge consequences for many organisations. In today’s world, when our lives are always switched on, the need for dependable backup power available is increasingly important. 

BGB manufactures and supplies components for many of the standby power generator units around the world, and has done so for many years. These include many of the vital electrical parts inside the generation units themselves, taking the load of the machine’s central function. 

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities depend on large-capacity standby generators to provide electricity to entire buildings whenever a failure occurs, allowing critical operations and care to continue without endangering patients’ lives and well-being. 

Data centres holding and processing information for thousands of businesses and individuals also need a reliable energy supply in case of grid failures. So too do security installations and civil infrastructure sites, to keep people safe. 

There are also many private businesses that would suffer catastrophic consequences in the event of a power failure. Across manufacturing, finance, hospitality, food production, agriculture and entertainment, the dependability of a backup generator to start when an electricity supply fails is essential. 

BGB has an enviable reputation for producing high-quality and reliable components for commercial standby generators, which can be deployed at a moment’s notice, in sometimes harsh environments and for business-critical functions 

Among our existing customers are world-renowned manufacturers, such as Cummins and ABB, which recognise our long-standing ability to produce generator slip rings systems of the necessary high standard. 

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