BGB have been fully accredited and certified as a Schenck specialist contract balancing service provider for central East Midlands and East Anglia. BGB's HM3 Balancing machine has a max rotor weight on support rollers of 300kg, max diameter above balancing machine base of 1,260mm and bearing journal diameter of 9-70mm (70-140 extended). Our trained personnel have the experience needed to economically and precisely balance or safety test all types of rotors.

Why Balance?

Imbalance can have seriously harmful effects on anything that rotates. Bearings, suspensions, housings and foundations can be subjected to very high stresses caused by vibration resulting in greater wear, failures and shorter service life.

Vibrations can also have severe safety implications as they reduce the frictional grip of screwed and clamped connections, until components loosen. Electrical switches can be destroyed and pipes or cables can fracture at the connections.

Imbalance can jeopardize the quality of work, as a piece of machinery with an irregularly running motor is less accurate and reliable. Vibrations also have a negative effect on the production performance of machine tools: a grinder or high-speed woodworking machine produces poor surface quality and more rejects if the spindle and tools have not been precisely balanced. Forces caused by imbalance, giving disruptive vibration, are removed by accurate balancing.

To find out more information regarding Balancing, email our team, or call +1 804 451 5211.

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