BGB specialize in the design from concept, manufacturing and marketing of our own range of niche market engineering solutions. The name 'BGB' originally formed from the initials of the founding partners' wives, but as the company progressed it took on a new meaning and evolved toBuilder of Partnerships, Generator of Solutions, Brightener of the Future. The Company now exists as a one-family, privately owned business that allows us to stay agile and customer-focused as markets become increasingly competitive.

In the late 1990s-early 2000s, high growth was attributed to the 'Anglo-Japanese Culture' of empowered engineers in teams within manufacturing cells, Just-In-Time manufacture, continuous innovation & improvement and the latest manufacturing expertise. Our underlining success through our history has always been attributed to our ability to forge long-standing partnerships to achieve win-win solutions with our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

BGB was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of carbon brush holders and began exporting in the early 1990s - now over 90% of turnover is achieved through the exportation of goods and services. BGB has built a good reputation for its products worldwide. Predominant European markets include Scandinavia, Spain and Germany in which BGB lays claim as leader of rotary solutions to the wind market. Products are being supplied to worldwide markets such as Australia, India, Canada, Chile, Korea, USA and Japan.

In 2004 BGB purchased the commercial interests of another Grantham company - Aquabeam Ltd, manufacturers of Aquaculture products. This acquisition expanded the Company's product portfolio into the field of underwater lighting, camera systems and cables/connectors. Primary applications include cage illuminators for photoperiod manipulation within fish farming, underwater lighting for the leisure and nuclear industries and submerged lighting for yachts.

The final brand in the trilogy, BGB Telemetry, offers the highly successful Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) – Optilinc. As Optilinc continues to open new markets and applications, it was decided that Optilinc needed its own specific "contactless" brand identity instead of sitting under the general BGB Engineering brand.

As well as Optilinc, BGB Telemetry opened the way for further innovations such as induction and other contactless methods of transferring power, data and signal through rotary applications.

In 2012, BGB Technology Inc. was formed to extend our product offering to the US market.  Based in Richmond, Virginia, BGB  Technology paved the way to bring the BGB culture and vision to US industries and helped to expand our global reach to the Americas.

In 2014, BGB SILS (Submersible Inductive Lighting System) was created as a luxury stand-alone brand dedicated for the yachting and boat market for Induction lighting systems.

In 2017, a second site in the UK evolved through our constant strive to find and create the next generation of engineering solutions. BGB Discovery formed to keep the BGB brand at the very forefront of modern and future technologies.

In 2019, we combined all divisions of BGB under one brand - BGB.

Product History Timeline 1976-2021

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