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Solar PV Update

Working with our project partners Advantage Utilities and Engenera, our 212Kw array was installed at the end of September 2022. The array, which is made up of 512 individual panels, has already started to deliver considerable savings in both carbon and utility costs and by the end of March had generated 42,000 kWh of electricity resulting in us achieving 44% of our first years financial target during the cold winter months.

As the spring leads in to summer and the amount of available daylight and sunshine increases we are in a good position to surpass our initial targets. Most of the electricity generated is used within the plant with any surplus electricity generated outside of working hours, currently 5800kWh, being sold back to the grid at a competitive price.

Investing in green technology may initially seem expensive, however, due to the recent increase in electricity tariffs we are now saving more for each kilowatt hour we produce, and will see an earlier than expected Return On Investment (ROI).  The 25-year life span of the solar PV has been estimated to give us savings of over £2.25 million and save over 1 million kilograms of carbon.

Circular Economy

A major step we've taken to improve our processes is transitioning toward the circular economy


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