BGB provide fish cage illumination products for salmon farming & more. We offer a number of lighting solutions below.

Pisces 400 & 365

Photoperiod manipulation cage lighting. Pisces 400 & Pisces 365 are submersible, pendant, fish cage illuminator with an outstanding record of reliability season after season.

The luminaire embodies a 400 (or 365) watt, metal halide lamp, offering an output closely resembling natural daylight. It is self-contained, streamlined and corrosion proof. (Supplied with 25m cable as standard - extra length is also available).

Pisces LED

Photoperiod manipulation cage lighting. The Pisces LED has finished full testing and is now available to the market. The Pisces LED has a dimmer control, longer lasting lifespan and more economical to run than traditional metal halide versions.

Pisces 1000

Pisces 1000 is a submersible, pendant, fish cage illuminator, the design of which is based upon the Pisces 400 which has an outstanding record of reliability, season after season. The luminaire embodies a 1000-watt, metal halide lamp. It is self-contained, streamlined and corrosion proof. (Supplied with 25m cable as standard - extra length is also available) Pisces is designed for vertical suspension, with a lifting eye built into the housing. The power feed cable presents a polyurethane jacket for protection against corrosion and abrasion by fish stock. For further details and technical specification see the PDF section.


Developed in response to the requirement for an efficient photoperiod light for tanks, ponds and raceways, Turtle is an entirely self-contained floating unit, housing a highly efficient metal halide discharge lamp together with associated control gear. In keeping with standard BGB Marine practice, the starter is safely enclosed within the unit, avoiding the hazard presented by systems which transmit high voltage ignition pulses, via inadequate cable and connectors, from a cage side mounted control pack to the underwater lamp. Turtle's design makes use of the critical angle optical principle to minimize light escape, by using the water surface as a mirror.

The position of the discharge lamp, relative to the water surface, ensures that light cannot pass directly through the surface, conferring the added benefit of easy stock observation.


A photometer developed specifically for the checking and monitoring of sub-surface light levels within fish cages and tanks. The buoyant sensor module is positioned with the aid of a shot weight, fitted with an eye, through which is passed a cord, attaching to the sensor. The weight is lowered to the base of the cage or tank and the free end of the cord is used to raise and lower the sensor by drawing it towards the weight, or allowing it to approach the surface. A purpose designed cable connects the sensor with an above-surface handheld meter. Meter readout is in 'lux', allowing the comparison of readings with prescribed levels of illumination. The sensor module and weight may be retrieved by hauling in from the free end of the cord.

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