Slip Rings

Our variations of robust standard slip rings offer a high grade of quality to a multitude of application speeds

Pancake Slip Rings

The pancake slip ring is specifically designed to meet the needs of applications with restricted height and space

Slip Ring Assemblies

Our range of slip ring assemblies ensure systems are able to maintain the transmission of power & electrical signal through rotating bodies


Our popular FORJ systems (Fibre Optic Rotary Joints) are designed and manufactured for high-speed data transfer on high-tech applications

Wind Turbine Slip Rings

Our slip ring solutions have been pivotal in the development of wind turbines since the early 1990's

Wind Turbine Spare Parts

Quality, price & delivery time are key factors when selecting aftermarket spares. BGB offers OEM grade solutions for effective wind farm owners

Aftermarket Wind Brushes

Our own-brand aftermarket wind brushes are economical substitutes for OE variants

Brush Holders

Our well-engineered, robust, light-weight, corrosion-resistant brush holders are used across a broad spectrum of industry sectors and applications

Lightning Protection Systems

Our range of Lightning Protection System (LPS) units have been designed to reliably dissipate the energy from lightning strikes and afford the highest level of protection required by modern systems

Rotary Unions

Our Rotary Unions are mechanical devices used to transfer Liquid (usually hydraulic oil), Gas, or Particles from a stationary system, to a rotary system

Smart Solutions

Smart rotary solutions like Condition Monitoring, Performance Analysis and Wear Detection can be implemented into your rotary application


Whether it's looms, harnesses or cage assemblies for your slip ring package, we can supply all complimentary parts to a rotary solution

Slip Ring Repair & Replacements

We can offer a 12-month or an extended 24-month warranty for the repair depending on the unit and your requirement