Looms and harnesses for transmission of power/signals/fibre optic can be manufactured using customer specified cables and connectors.  We can supply small quantity prototype loom assemblies, through to large production batches.  

Cage assemblies are mounted to the stator side of the application and are used to mount brush holders in the correct position relative to the slip ring.  Brush holders can be pre-positioned to speed up assembly. As brush positioning is critical relative to the slip ring surface, correct alignment of the brush is imperative. This allows for optimum surface contact from day of installation.

An extensive range of cable looms and connector systems, cage assemblies, cable reels and earth dissipation units are available to provide your complete rotary solutions.


Cages, looms and earth dissipation can all be found in a variety of applications. Within our primary market, Wind energy, one of the main problems OEM’s experience on a wind turbine is the gradual build-up of electrostatic charge, if this issue is not addressed with a professional solution the electrostatic energy can cause detrimental damage to key nacelle components.  We have developed a specific brush composition that discharges any electrostatic energy down to earth operating on the main shaft and providing a reliable solution. The Ground Contact design is retrofittable to the main shaft of a turbine, partner this with our dedicated lightning brush holders to help protect sensitive components within the nacelle.


Looms, cable assemblies, cages and other related slip ring parts can all be custom made and designed in partnership with the customer to provide a full rotary solution package from one quality driven specialist supplier.  Get in touch now


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