Our pocketed holders are produced to internationally recognised standards and tolerances and many are surface treated/ plated as standard to resist hostile or corrosive environments.
We also have the capability to produce custom holders for specific applications.  As we are constantly innovating and re-engineering solutions, there are regular updates to our range of holders.
Our range of brush holders come with a general purpose grade of either copper graphite or silver graphite brushes, application specific grades are available as an option.


In Renewables, designs include those for power generation, lightning protection, earthing, pitch control, yaw, anti-icing, de-icing and signal/ data transmission applications. They can often be supplied integrated to rocker rings to facilitate assembly and ensure perfect alignment during fitment.  We supply brush holder systems to many applications worldwide across a broad spectrum of industries including power generation, marine, clean water, transportation, industrial and leisure sectors.

Lightning grounding, shaft grounding, power transmission, signal transmission. Speak to us about your application and our engineers can support you in selecting the right brush and holder (i.e. speed, contact surface, operating environment)


Our stocked range includes a variety of O.E.(Original Equipment) and A.M. (After Market) wind market products including composite Paratec®, single and double-leg caliper styles, as well as both cast and fabricated body constant force holders for heavier duties and higher speeds.  Replacement removable spring clip and cassette units are also available for many of our products to replace worn, damaged or just tired springs in line with industry best practice. 

Custom holders are also available on request.


Standard Brush Holders


Brush Holder Measuring Guide.pdf


Spring Replacement-Industry Standard


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