FORJs are the optical equivalent of an electrical slip ring.  As passive devices, they allow for the low loss transfer of single or multi-mode signals, through rotating interfaces, using optical technology.  Rigorously tested in our environmental test facility and in UKAS accredited test facilities to military vibration standards, our FJ1 FORJ's (Multimode, Single Channel) are implemented in the world's leading wind turbine manufacturer and other high-speed data transfer applications.  The FJ1 range of FORJs are available with ST direct connection or any specified standard connection leads.  Constructed from Stainless Steel, the FORJ range are designed to be chemically resilient and rugged. 


The BGB series of FORJ’s can be used in many different industries ranging from Renewable Energy such as Wind Turbines, through to Robotics, Radar, Drone, ROV, Military, Packaging and many other high data transfer technologies.  

Originally designed for the worlds leading wind turbine manufacturer in the early 2000's, our then named 'Optilinc FORJ' opened the way for other variations to be developed and made available to a vast range of industry sectors.


The Axial Multimode and Singlemode Fibre Optic Rotary Joints have been rigorously tested to EN2591-601, (Aerospace series - Elements of electrical and optical connection Part 601: Optical elements - Insertion loss) and to EIA standards.  Our standard FJ1 popular FORJ range consists of Single Channel Multimode versions.  Other ranges of Singlemode and Multi-channel units (FJ2 & FJ3), Miniature (FJ4), L type (FJ5) and Capacitives (FJ6) are available on request.  Media Converters (FJ7) and Wavelength Division Multiplexers (FJ8) also complement and enhance the BGB range.  


FORJ Datasheet: FJ1-Single Channel Multimode 62.5/125 (ST).pdf


FORJ Datasheet: FJ1-Single Channel Multimode 50/125 (ST).pdf


FORJ Datasheet: FJ1-Single Channel Multimode 50/125 (Pig-Tailed).pdf


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