Our Lightning Protection Systems are an integral component of a comprehensive lightning and surge protection assembly. They effectively safeguard equipment, infrastructure and buildings from the harmful effects of direct lightning strikes. We achieve this through the formation of a low and stable impedance path via the rotational interface (hub to nacelle) from the lightning conductor to the ground, which safeguards the main bearing.

Our systems provide the utmost protection, proven to reduce damage, decrease repair costs and boost the operational uptime of our customer’s wind turbines and other large-scale applications.



Our robust Lightning Protection System holders play a pivotal role in wind turbine lightning protection, a key area of focus in our product range. These holders are fully cast units with a standard surface treatment/plating to withstand the harsh environments typically found in wind turbine applications, including those found in coastal and offshore settings.

In wind turbine lightning protection, our systems offer excellent performance. They can be equipped with a variety of our approved and thoroughly tested lead-free carbon brushes, ensuring a high level of adaptability to meet diverse customer needs in various wind turbine applications. These brushes have demonstrated their effectiveness time and time again, delivering reliable performance even in the most demanding situations.

Additionally, to tackle extreme conditions, our system holders can also be supplied with arc propagation brackets for an extra layer of security, making our systems adaptable to diverse environmental and operational requirements.

Our Lightning Protection Systems are designed to offer a high degree of versatility and adaptability, fulfilling unique requirements for different applications and acting as a vital wind turbine part. Whether it’s handling the harsh conditions of offshore wind farms or meeting the specific demands of unique wind turbine designs, our systems deliver reliable, comprehensive protection that customers can trust.



All of our holders use stainless steel constant force removable spring clips, ensuring a sturdy and reliable connection. We understand that every wind turbine and application has its unique demands. To meet these requirements, we offer a wide range of custom variations of our standard Lightning Protection Systems. These include alterations to brush sizes and materials, modifications to the mounting assemblies and the ability to accommodate unusual conductor paths or mechanical configurations.

We have the ability to design bespoke systems specifically tailored to tackle the unique challenges of wind turbine lightning protection. This includes additional protection or bespoke mounting solutions, which are sometimes needed to adequately protect challenging parts of the drive train within the nacelle of a wind turbine or other applications.

For applications that face particularly severe weather conditions or electrical loads, we offer enhanced lightning protection solutions. These systems feature amplified surge capacity, additional layers of electrical insulation and upgraded material specifications designed to handle these increased demands.

Whether you need a system for a conventional wind turbine design or a custom solution for a unique application, we are here to provide the utmost protection against lightning damage.



Standard Brush Holders


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Lightning Brush (32 x 16 x 50)



120Amp Lightning Brush Holder



Current Adapter Ø 12 Ø 13



Earth Brush Spring Clip Assembly


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