A Lightning Protection System (LPS) when used as part of a total lightning and surge protection assembly, play a very important role in the protection of equipment, structures and even buildings against direct lightning strikes.
A low and stable impedance path is created through the rotational interface, (hub to nacelle), from the lightning conductor to the ground, therefore protecting the main bearing. The excellent protection afforded by our systems are proven to minimize damage and repair costs and improve the uptime of our customers Wind Turbines and other large applications.


Our Lightning Protection System holders are robust fully cast units that are surface treated / plated as standard to resist the hostile environments found in coastal and offshore applications. They can be supplied with a range of our approved and fully tested Lead-free carbon brushes to meet our customer requirements and can also be supplied with arc propagation brackets to provide additional security for extreme overload conditions.


Our holders all use stainless steel constant force removable spring clips.  
In addition to our standard range of Lightning Protection Systems, we also have the capability to design and re-engineer solutions to unique customer requirements where additional protection or bespoke mounting solutions are sometimes required to best protect awkward parts of the drive train within the nacelle of a wind turbine or other applications.


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