In 2022 we expanded our capacity to test, evaluate, and where possible refurbish or repair worn or damaged slip ring assemblies to meet customer requirements by opening a designated area at our Turnpike Close site in the UK. From single units to large batches, the aim is to offer an economical, efficient way to extend the life of slip ring assemblies, thereby reducing waste and with a subsequent reduction of demand on resources.  If the assembly is beyond repair, we can offer advice on suitable new alternatives at competitive prices.  We can offer a 12-month or an extended 24-month warranty for the repair depending on the unit and your requirement.


If the unit is beyond repair, we can provide brand new slip rings complete with new brush gear (if damaged or functioning incorrectly) to the same spec as originally designed. Replacement brushes and other parts commonly used in repairs, such as microswitch systems, can also be supplied.  We can also refurb the majority of any other slip ring suppliers units.  Whether it is for wind turbine spares and repairs or wastewater collector column refurbishment, we can evaluate and offer guidance to all types of rotary transmission products.


We can perform the following tasks:

  •  Electrically test for any faults, including flash test @ 13kV and load test to check for any build-up of resistance in the slip ring
  •  Fully clean to remove excess carbon dust build-up
  •  Machine rings back to correct surface finish and address any concentricity issues (scrolls are also cleaned during this process)
  •  Re-apply anti-tracking varnish to maintain correct electrical ratings
  •  Re-balance slip rings
  •  Strip, clean and rebuild

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