Slip rings offer seamless transmission of power, data, and signals in continuous or intermittent rotating systems. Manufactured using state-of-the-art processes and materials, these electric slip rings are built to last, ensuring optimal performance even in the most demanding operational environments. Whether your requirement is for high-speed data transmission, high current loads or precise signal transference, BGB has you covered. 

In 2022, we expanded our capacity to test, evaluate and refurbish or repair worn or damaged slip ring assemblies to meet customer requirements. From single units to large batches, we aim to offer an economical, efficient way to extend the life of slip ring assemblies, reducing waste and with a subsequent reduction of demand on resources.  

If the assembly is beyond repair, we can offer advice on suitable new alternatives at competitive prices. We can provide a 12-month or an extended 24-month warranty for the repair, depending on the unit and your requirement.

Want to learn more about slip rings and how they operate? Check out our recent article ‘What is a Slip Ring?'. 



The demand for efficient and innovative rotary solutions is present in a wide range of industries. Our slip rings are highly versatile and can be used in an array of applications. Discover just some of the industries our product supports: 

  • Wind Energy Systems: Wind turbines require continuous rotation to harness wind energy most effectively. Our electric slip rings ensure smooth power and data transfer between the stationary and rotating parts of the turbine, maintaining uninterrupted performance and monitoring. 

  • Industrial: In various manufacturing setups, from rotating tables to assembly lines, machinery requires consistent power and signal transmission. Our electrical slip rings cater to this need, optimising production efficiency. 

  • Robotics: Modern robotics requires precise movement and data transmission. Our slip rings ensure consistent power delivery and signal flow, which is essential for tasks requiring high precision. 

  • Aerospace: The reliability of componentry is paramount in aerospace systems. Our slip rings are trusted for their unwavering performance and durability, even under extreme conditions.

  • Construction: Modern construction machinery, like rotating cranes and tunnelling equipment, require continuous power for their rotary components. Our slip rings ensure that these machines operate without interruption, improving efficiency on construction sites.


There are various types of standard and custom slip rings that lend themselves to a multitude of application speeds.

  • Barrel Slip Rings: Often hailed as the most prevalent type, these robust high-speed slip ring assemblies are tailored for a range of applications, particularly those operating at slower to medium speeds.

  • Modular Slip Rings: Optimised for both slow and medium-paced applications, these variants are ideal for power transmission up to 30 amps and can handle signal transmissions of all varieties. 

  • Pancake or Flat Slip Rings: Where height becomes a limiting factor, the pancake or flat design is the solution. It ensures efficient transmission of signals and power in environments with restricted vertical space.

  • Fabricated / Cast & Built-Up: These slip rings are perfect for rebuilding, re-insulating and repairing units. Especially valuable in the maintenance of slip ring units and carbon brushes.

  • Capsule Slip Rings: When working with constricted spaces, capsule slip rings, known for their miniature design, are perfect for this use. They are designed for applications that demand compact solutions without compromising on performance.

With a wide range of variations at hand, understanding the specifics can enable you to choose the most suitable slip ring for your application needs. Whether standard or custom-designed, our slip rings are crafted to adapt to diverse application speeds and requirements.

Trust in BGB – where innovation meets reliability. Explore our range of electrical slip rings and maximise the potential of your rotary systems. Get in touch today.


Key Features

Rotary systems require components that not only excel in performance, but also ensure longevity and reliability. 

Our electrical slip rings are designed with functionality and adaptability in mind. These are the standout qualities that make our product a top choice for discerning professionals:

  • Durable Construction: Built with high-grade materials to withstand wear and tear, ensuring a long life-span. 

  • Optimal Performance: Designed for minimal electrical noise and maximum conductivity.

  • Compact Design: Engineered to fit seamlessly within various applications without compromising performance.

  • High-speed Data Transmission: Perfect for applications that require rapid and uninterrupted data flow.

  • Customisation Options: Available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet unique requirements in multiple industries.

  • Environmentally Robust: Resistant to moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent operation.

  • Low Maintenance: Our design minimises the need for regular upkeep, saving you time and money in the long run.



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