What is a Wind Turbine Slip Ring?

Wind turbine slip rings are essential components that enable the transfer of power and data signals between stationary and rotating parts of a wind turbine. They are built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that are common in wind turbine applications, including extreme temperatures, strong winds and dust.

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Wind turbine slip rings are primarily used in wind turbines to transfer electrical power and data signals between stationary and rotating parts. However, they also have other applications in various industries that require rotary electrical connections.

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There are several variations of wind turbine slip rings. Each of these variations have unique features and benefits, making them suitable for different applications and requirements. Choosing the right type of slip ring is essential to ensure reliable and consistent performance in wind turbines and other rotary applications.

Some of the most common types of wind turbine slip rings include:

  • Through-Bore Slip Rings: designed with a central hole or bore that allows the transmission of fluids, gases or cables through the centre of the slip ring. It is commonly used in wind turbines to transfer hydraulic fluid or coolant to the rotating components.

  • Pancake Slip Rings: compact and flat slip rings that are ideal for applications where space is limited. They are commonly used in small-scale wind turbines and other applications where the size of the slip ring is critical.

  • Fibre Optic Slip Rings: designed to transmit data signals using fibre optic cables, commonly used in wind turbines to transfer data signals from the sensors on the rotor to the control system.

  • High Current Slip Rings: designed to handle high electrical currents, making them ideal for wind turbines with high power output. Commonly used in other applications where high-power transmission is required.

  • Capsule Slip Rings: small, sealed slip rings that are designed for use in harsh environments. Commonly used in wind turbines to transfer electrical power and data signals from the rotor to the generator.
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