Support - Brush Holder Descriptions

Support - Brush Holder Descriptions
Brush Holder Descriptions

Example Holder:
DD80-200-61-1/2-04 E1340-10

Relating to the picture and example holder above:

DD = Indicator that the holder has 2 legs. A single leg holder would be shown as a single D

80-200 = The brush size - in this case

A = 8mm and T = 20mm.

H = Depth of brush (Not required)

61 = The distance in mm from the centre of the mounting hole to the centre of the brush when the holder is in itís working position. Shown as C

1/2 = The diameter of the mounting hole for the spindle. Shown as D

04 = Indicates which spring is to be used, the first section of the part number is E1215.

E1340-10 is the part number and description for the brush

Below - Brush holder examples


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