Heather - Digital Marketing Apprentice

Start date: March 2022

"I started with BGB in March 2022, I had recently finished studying at sixth form with no idea of what I wanted to do after. I found BGB advertising an Apprenticeship with Grantham College doing Digital Marketing and decided to give it a go. I not only found a great course to join with BGB but also an amazing company to work for, the business has a real family feel to it and has been extremely welcoming and supportive throughout my apprenticeship"

Gareth - Group Head of Operations

Start date: April 2007

"I started with BGB back in 2007 immediately after completing my A-levels. I started in an administrative role which allowed me to experience multiple areas of the business. BGB has offered me tremendous development opportunities, which in turn have seen me develop through Purchasing Manager, Production Manager, UK Operations Director roles and now resulting in a transition to a group role on the Senior Leadership Team. The core of BGB are the incredible people, they provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere coupled with tremendous work ethic that ensures BGB continues to flourish."

James - Head Of Marketing

Start date: Oct 2005

"I started with BGB back in 2005, back then I wore a couple of hats which saw me involved in IT, Marketing, a bit of accounts and implementing new ERP systems.  Nowadays the company is far larger and more structured and I concentrate purely on Marketing.  It’s a unique company to work for, what I really love about BGB is the family feel, the relaxed and open atmosphere and the opportunities to travel I get from my particular role.  The people are really friendly and the industries we serve are often exciting and interesting."

Kieran - Electro Mechanical Engineer

Start date: 2014

"I have worked for BGB since 2014, I started as an apprentice doing my Level 3 in Engineering and the company supported me in completing my HNC after that. I have worked mainly on the Moulding and Machining section, helping on both CNC and Assembly when required. I was lucky enough to be trained on the balancing machine early on in my career at BGB and this has become my area of expertise, and I now train others in its use. BGB has been a friendly and supportive place to learn and work."

Nathan - Production Manager UK

Start date: 2011

"I started my journey with BGB in 2011, and have been incredibly fortunate in having many development opportunities, ranging from shop floor, stores supervisor, to my current role of Production Manager UK. The company is very focused on promoting internally where possible and allowing employees to progress where they can. It allows people to flourish, people to fail, and support if they do. I like the fact that I am allowed to make my own decisions, trusted to plan my week and actions with the sole intention of customer satisfaction, both internally and externally."

Melvin - Technical Sales Representative USA

Start date: 2018

"I have been with BGB since 2018, starting off as a “Temp” working within the stores in the USA. Whilst there I worked with building units, stocking, and inventory. One of the great things about BGB is they are a firm believer in promoting from within. So, one day I saw a job opening for a sales representative and I applied. I started out my new role as a part-time sales rep and with each passing day, I gained more experience. 6 months later I was asked if I would like to be part of the sales team full time and have not looked back since! BGB is a family and I’m truly blessed to have found a family where I can grow. No, it’s not the ARMY, but it is a place where you can truly ‘BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE!"

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Neal - Tool Room Design

Start date: 1977

"I started at BGB working Saturday mornings in 1977 when the company was in Leicester and became full-time in 1983. I did my apprenticeship at Grantham College where I learned the basics of engineering. Early days I was primarily manufacturing and assembling brush gear. When BGB came to Grantham and started to manufacture slip rings I had to learn how to mould.  I became a team leader in the mid-90s, joined the toolroom team in 2000 where I really enjoyed designing and making new tooling or repairing tooling. I still enjoy working for BGB after nearly 40 years and worked with some good work colleagues past and present."

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