Pancake Slip Rings Overview

BGB's pancake slip rings are slim, disc-shaped connectors designed to provide electrical continuity in a wide range of applications. Their unique pancake form makes them ideally suited for scenarios where the length needs to be minimised. 

Our pancake slip rings come in a range of sizes, configurations, and materials. They are designed to meet various specifications, making them adaptable to both standard and custom applications. 

At BGB, we strive to offer long-term solutions to your rotary connectivity needs. To discover how our pancake slip rings can make a difference in your project, get in touch with our team of experts today. 


Key Features of Pancake Slip Rings

Some of the key features of our pancake slip rings include: 

Compact Design: Due to the pancake shape, our slip rings save you critical space without compromising performance.

High Reliability: Our pancake slip rings are manufactured using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques, ensuring a long operational lifespan.

Customisability: Tailor our pancake slip rings to meet your specific needs, whether that involves data transmission, power delivery, or a combination of both.

Easy Integration: Enjoy hassle-free installation and compatibility with various systems.

Environmentally Robust: Our pancake slip rings are capable of operating in challenging environmental conditions, including high and low temperatures and moisture levels.


Pancake Slip Ring Applications

  • Industrial Automation: In robotics, automated machinery and other industrial processes, pancake slip rings can be an essential component, saving space and facilitating complex movements and data transmission between stationary and rotating parts.

  • Aerospace: Given their compact size and high reliability, pancake slip rings are a top choice for aerospace systems.

  • Renewable Energy: In wind turbines and other types of wind and renewable energy setups, these slip rings ensure efficient energy transmission with minimal loss and maximum durability.

  • Marine Applications: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, our pancake slip ring connectors are ideally suited for use in ships and other marine vessels.

  • Rotary Doors: Our pancake slip rings ensure uninterrupted power and the transmission of signals in rotary doors. They support features like lighting, sensors and alarms, ensuring smooth, automated door operations with added safety.

The versatility of our Pancake Slip Rings makes them adaptable for many other applications. Learn more from our expert team today.



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