Revolving doors or rotary doors, such as those commonly found on large buildings such as hotels, office blocks and airports, are an efficient way for people to enter and exit a busy building. They act as an airlock, avoiding draughts from outside and minimising the requirements on heating and air conditioning systems. 

Automatic revolving doors, though, require highly specialised slip ring systems. This is because of the space limitations of where they are installed. Since they require as much headroom as possible, while often being situated in a conventionally-sized aperture, there is little space available for the workings of the system. 

Rotating doors must therefore be extremely compact, to maximise the headroom on the axis of rotation. To do this, BGB has developed a range of compact 'face type' or 'pancake' slip ring packages for just this application. These take up far less vertical space than conventional designs. 

They are designed not only for the transmission of signals, but also for power to propel or assist the door itself, as well as for lighting, sensors and alarms. Each ring or track is arranged concentrically, rather than stacked vertically. 

As a result, they can be customised to include as many tracks for signal or power as needed, with the only limit being the circumference of the door aperture itself. 

Our revolving door slip rings are developed and tested for long life, with minimal maintenance and low electromagnetic emissions, to avoid disrupting other electrical equipment or signals nearby. 

To find out more about our revolving door parts, email our team, or give us a call.

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