Robotic arms can perform repetitive and heavy tasks with efficiency and consistency. Increasing focus on improving the productivity of large production volume, in addition to advancements in artificial intelligence and development of sophisticated sensors are augmenting the development of self-programmable robots.  Robotic arms with heavy payload capacity are generally used for material handling and other applications. A robotic arm includes metal joints and the movement of the joint is controlled by servo motors. High number of servo motors allows greater flexibility and permits a wide variety of applications and greater axes. End-user industries prefer robotic arms of high degree of freedom, so that complex tasks can be performed.

Typical slip ring requirements include:  ability to transmit ethernet, usb, RS, canbus, firewire, servo motor signals, encoder signals, strain gauges, thermocouples and other signals.  They are typically produced for low speed, with high life and maintenance free.  

Types of slip rings used in Robotics:  Miniature, Hollow shaft/Thru bore, High current, HD video/FORJ, Harsh Environment packaged slip rings
Slip rings and FORJs can be found in a variety of Traditional Industrial Robots (Articulated, SCARA, Parallel/ Delta, Cartesian/ Linear/ Gantry, Cylindrical, Spherical, and Swing-arm robots), as well as within Collaborative Industrial Robots.

Application Examples:

  •     Handling (Pick and Place, Material Handling, Packaging and Palletizing, Machine Tending, and Clean Room Applications)
  •     Assembling & Disassembling (Screw Driving and Nut Fastening)
  •     Welding & Soldering (Laser Welding, Arc Welding, Gas Welding, Spot Welding, and Soldering)
  •     Dispensing (Gluing, Painting, and Food & Beverages)
  •     Processing (Grinding and Polishing; Milling; and Cutting)
  •     Others (Inspection & Testing and Die-casting & Molding)
  •     Pick and Place Robots
  •     Surgical Robotic Systems
  •     Inspection Robots
  •     Cleanrooms
  •     Palletizing
  •     Automobile Production
  •     Oil & Gas  

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