A slip ring assembly is a passive electromechanical device, allowing the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. BGB slip ring assemblies are designed to provide the user with mounting interfaces, termination points and sufficient sealing, so as to enable the installation and continuous rotational transmission of said system. Operating predominantly within the wind and wastewater sectors, we have developed our products and processes to provide high-quality assemblies that meet a range of standards and approvals. 

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Our design department are highly experienced in creating full assembly solutions, which feed into a wide variety of applications across a range of industries requiring rotary transmission. BGB's standard range of slip ring assemblies are found within; the wastewater industry (specifically scraper bridges), the wind turbine industry, revolving doors, packaging machines and fairground rides. Our design department also produce slip ring assemblies for custom applications such as; film sets, music festivals and simulators, taking care to ensure that solutions comply with standards and approvals that are specific to these applications.

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There are various types of slip ring assemblies to consider when providing a solution to a rotary system, these different types will lend themselves more readily to different applications depending on external factors, i.e space envelope, speeds etc. 

Barrel type slip ring assemblies - Robust units suitable for high, medium and slow speed applications. 
Modular - In line with BGB's circular economy push, modular design enables BGB to maintain the product beyond what would usually be considered end of unit life. 
Pancake slip rings - Used within applications where space envelope is limited. 

Contact technology - At BGB we make use of various types of contact technology, across the above range of assemblies.

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