Slip rings and rotary solutions can be found in a variety of processes within the semiconductor industry.  

Slip rings for Lapping and Polishing, Rotary Motion, Processing of Silicon Wafers, Wafer Polishing, Grinding, Wafer Handling, Turntables, Metrology, PVD machines (Physical Vapor Deposition) and robotic arms all use some form of rotary device(s) such as a slip ring or rotary union.

Examples of where slip rings are found:

Lapping & Polishing - On 4-way laps a slip ring is required to transfer electrical connection between the rotating lap plate and the stationary unit

Rotary Motion - Slip rings and rotary unions are standard options available to ease the integration of devices. With various tabletop styles as well as optional HDP pedestals, customers can tailor the mechanical interface of the ARMS stages to suit a variety of different requirements

Processing of Silicon Wafers - Once the correct "melt" is achieved a "seed" of single crystal Silicon is lowered into the melt. Then the temperature is adjusted and the seed is rotated as it is slowly pulled out of the molten Silicon.  (A wafer is a thin slice of semiconductor material, such as a silicon crystal, used in the fabrication of integrated circuits and other microdevices)

BGB design engineers work closely with our clients to ensure the correct rotary product fits within the required space envelope and delivers the correct power or data for its application.  

If you would like help with your rotary application please contact us.

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