Manufacturing Capabilities

Through customer intimacy, engagement and focussed approach BGB can bring nearly 50 years manufacturing experience and hundreds of years of combined design, development, engineering, manufacturing and test experience to provide our customers with the knowledge and expertise required to deliver tomorrow's solutions today.

In response to ever-changing markets and customer requirements, our new prototyping department and dedicated design teams have added a renewed agility and focus to our business - enabling rapid progression from initial customer engagement and technical requirements to conceptual design, FFF modeling, prototype build, testing, and delivery.  

This new flexibility combined with experience, consummate expertise and use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and principles with emphasis on circular economy helps separate BGB from its competitors.  Intelligent material selection, modular designs, state-of-the-art CNC and robotic manufacture employing production machinery as necessary, coupled with the very latest metrology techniques and advanced in-house test capability enables high volume quality cost-engineered products produced and accredited in line with the highest industry standards.


Why are BGB so good at what we do, and what do we do differently:

• Separated from production allowing us to give this full focus, and quicker turnarounds so we can fully deliver what the customer needs.
• Great agility we have the capability to change and adapt a concept even after it has been started with customer service second to none.
• Our design and test team collaborate hand in hand with our prototype team to deliver a turn-key smooth process.
• Ability of CAD CAM for machining prototype parts. Reduces turnaround times.
• Latest technologies, machinery and assembly processes. We always strive to a culture of CI and cost-out and work closely with our designers to deliver cost-out initiatives so that when we productionise the unit we are already one step ahead.
• We are investing in 3d printing capabilities. This gives us the ability to prove out concepts and build prior to us committing to expensive materials, making sure our design is fit for purpose and gives the customer exactly what they want.

• We have dedicated integration engineers that deal with this process. Taking the prototype concept from first off prototype production to the first production run.
• Quality, Cost out and Circle Economy at the forefront of this process.
• Selection of best machines and jigs and fixtures required for the job. 
• Most economic materials selected ie castings.
• Flow lines for assembly so our assembly is Lean 
• Working instructions so we keep to the process and procedure and have great repeatability. 
• Quality standards and needs that require setting up linked to customer requirements.

All of the above creates a smooth process from first off prototype to full production runs. 

• Latest state-of-the-art machinery delivering multiple operations done in one process, ie turn mill drill to keep down set up machining times and processes.
• Fully automated machine cells lights out machining
• Always investing in the latest tooling and work holding.
• Value stream map of runners and repeaters so that our factory layout is lean, efficient, and effective. 
• Latest factory layout software helps us to deliver this so we can see how the product flows through the factory.
• State-of-the-art flow and assembly lines for building our product with end-of-line testing. Set up so the operator has everything to hand he requires.
• We constantly invest in our people and train them for multiple operations we believe having an agile and versatile workforce is very important.  
• The best and latest measuring equipment ie CMM, air gauges and temperature-controlled areas allowing us to measure accurately parts as small as 2 microns tolerance
• Quality gates and checks throughout the whole process. 

We can work with you the customer to deliver exactly what you want and can send all CTQ checks and end-of-line testing remotely. 


Circular Economy

A major step we've taken to improve our processes is transitioning toward the circular economy


What's it like to work FOR us?

BGB is a friendly, thriving, family-orientated place to work, but don't take our word for it, hear it from the people who matter... (Visit our careers page for current vacancies).


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