With service costs and downtime incurring high penalties when sites are out of action from utility companies, our customers turn to BGB safe in the knowledge that our speed, reputation and quality for long-lasting assemblies give them peace of mind that their investment into our slip ring systems are a safe bet.     

We have been designing and manufacturing slip ring collector columns for Half-bridge rotary scrapers and Clarifiers (otherwise known as Mud Scrapers, Sludge Scrapers or Scum Skimmers) since the early 1980's. BGB are one of the first slip ring manufacturers to design and produce a slip ring collector column compliant to WIMES directive 2.01 section 6.12.2 for rotating half bridge scrapers. Now a leading supplier in the development of collector column solutions for this unique industry, we work with many of the major wastewater sewage treatment specialist such as: MWH, EPS, and Veolia as well as the major Utility companies themselves and individual smaller contractors.

A BGB collector column or slip ring's primary function is for the transfer of power & signal from stationary cables from the axis of rotation to the rotary scraper bridge.  The slip ring transfers power to the scraper bridge drive motor and bridge-mounted control panels to allow the scraper to travel continuously through 360 degrees.  Situated in the middle of the sedimentation tank or sludge tank, The collector column or slip ring assembly sits on the PST (Primary Settlement or sedimentation tank) bridge which in turn are designed to reduce the velocity of the wastewater flow, allowing heavier organic solids (called raw sludge) to settle.  The slip ring allows the bridge (or sometimes the tank) to slowly rotate around its axis providing power and or signal without cables becoming tangled.  

Our range of SPB (Signal/Power/Barrel) collector columns are robust, service friendly, enclosed slip rings, designed especially for the tough working environment of a scraper bridge.  The SPB packaged units have been designed to provide an ideal method of transferring power or power and signals (including multiplexing), when using precious metal plated rings for low noise applications.  The range all share a very similar specification in terms of conduit entries, torque arms and flanges. 

Collector columns are available in a variety of combinations from 1-36 ways (rings) in standard format.  More channels can be catered for via bespoke units designed to customers exact specifications.  Other additional features such as encoders, terminal boxes and fibre optic rotary joints (FORJs) can also be designed into packaged assemblies.  Contact our experts for more information.


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