In many applications a slip ring is coupled with a Hydraulic Rotary Unions (HRU).  As we started to investigate competitor HRUs further, we found poor practice in fundamentals of O-ring sealing and fluid flow dynamics, as well as little consideration for user interfacing or the size and form factor of the unit.  With the flaws we kept noticing in the HRU market, we decided to develop our own robust, well-engineered, compact Hydraulic Rotary Unions with high flow rate capabilities to ease the pain points identified.

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Hydraulic Rotary Unions are most often found in Cranes, Wind Turbines, Excavators and other construction based equipment.

Rotary Joints are used in wind turbines to deliver hydraulic fluid to the blade pitch actuators. Rotary Joints are also used in various industrial and manufacturing processes to transfer fluid.  If your application requires approvals such as UL or ATEX let us know and we can custom design a win-win solution.  If you need hydraulics on something that spins, a HRU is probably involved.

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Our flagship Hydraulic Rotary Joint suits most requirements. Our 4 port unit can have ports blocked off as needed; many applications only require 2 ports so the option to close off un-required ports not only provides the cost saving involved in designing a bespoke unit, but also gives peace of mind in future-proofing should requirements change later on. 

We also have customers who need larger more complicated systems where we custom design units, these may include options such as ultra-long service life journal bearing systems often seen in offshore wind turbines.

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