What makes a Circular Economy champion?

What makes a Circular Economy champion?

Thursday, 6 May 2021

What makes a Circular Economy champion? 

BGB’s Circular Economy goal for 2021 is to support a transition to the Circular Economy by delivering a learning program that empowers everyone across the organization to actively practice circularity. This people-centered approach has led to the emergence of Circular Economy champions.

The Circular Economy champion initiative is aimed at recognizing team members who are supporting BGB's transition to the Circular Economy.

A Circular Economy champion is characterized by 3 C's:




> A Commitment to learning and increasing knowledge about the environment, sustainability, and the Circular Economy.

> Showing care for the environment and considering the environmental impact of activities at both a personal and professional level

> Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to advance BGB's Circular Economy agenda 

Three months in and we've already had five champions!

Interestingly, these champions have come from different departments at BGB. Alex Pucacco, one of our Business Development Managers emerged as February's champion, and Nick Parnham and Mark Collin from our maintenance team were our champions in March. 

For April, BGB recognizes Koen Stomph and Jason Shephard from our Product & Services Department. 

Jason is being recognized for his willingness to contribute to conversations surrounding sustainability and the Circular Economy. His thoughts and suggestions were useful in setting BGB's Circular Economy strategy and he continues to provide his honest opinion on how we can advance our efforts.

His care for the environment shines through in his insistence on making better environmental choices in his job role, as well as, encouraging the wider organization to do the same. 

Koen has been assigned a tough project that has seen him research alternatives to the DMC material. This has proved to be extremely difficult, not only due to the technical challenges but also because we would ideally like to source an alternative that is comparable in price. His resilience and drive to find a solution has been humbling to witness.

BGB recognizes Koen and Jason for supporting the company's transition to the Circular Economy and for inspiring us to make better choices.

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