Digilinc FAQs

Digilinc FAQs
Digilinc FAQs

If you have any further questions please call us on: +44 (0)1476 576280

What’s the difference between Digilinc and normal monitoring systems?
Digilinc is wire free and unique for remote, hard to get to locations where laying down cables is not appropriate, i.e. near animals, water, dangerous areas etc.

Can I have more than one monitor linked up to the camera, i.e. can I check on anything from home as well as the office?
You can access the system whenever and wherever you are as long as you are in front of a computer with internet access. We will supply you with your own login name and password which you can use 24 hours a day whether you are relaxing at home or on holiday.

Can I use the system to automatically feed my fish farm?
Yes, see FR Camera link within BGB Marine.Is the system affected by the weather?
Only severe heavy rain or snow on the aerial will affect the system. Line of site is also vital in certain products – a Full site survey is recommended

Do I need a licence to run Digilinc?
No, Digilinc comes under the ‘un-licensable radio’ category.

Can I still use Digilinc if I do not have line of site?
Yes, we have recently developed a new system that has the ability to by-pass line of site through a relay system.

Can a unit be powered without a 230v mains supply?
Yes it can through the use of solar panels, batteries or wind power, in certain cases all three have been used together.

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