Brush Holder - Earth Cartridge

Brush Holder - Earth Cartridge
Earth Cartridge

BGB offer earthing brushes and holders for a range of applications, we can accommodate any size of brush and holder to specifically suit the needs of the customer.

Common issues with earthing brushes relate to ghosting, marking or burning to the slip ring, primarily down to the brushes not being under continued load to build an effective patina. In the worst cases, we see grooving appear into the earth ring. This damages the slip ring and in turn, increases brush wear. In wind applications, the issues can result in the earthing brushes working to a fraction of their expectancy, high voltage spikes caused by back feeds in the grid can then be discharged across bearings, resulting in damage.

BGB’s grade combats this by giving an excellent uniform patina across the ring, resulting in no burning, marking or ghosting. BGB’s grade works extremely well in a range of atmospheric conditions where wind turbines are commonly exposed to. Because our grade offers much-improved brush wear and slip ring wear results, this significantly reduces operation and maintenance costs. In turn main shaft bearings are protected and their life is optimized.

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